09 April 2012

Cleaning the Cobwebs

Half day. Kids gone in their various directions and I find myself alone, such a rarity these days. I decided to clean my craft room. The state of it is a reflection of the frame of mind I've been in lately- chaotic, neglected, un-inspired. Ive been thinking a lot in the past few days and getting my head on straight about some stuff. Ever notice how sometimes things can be going great but somehow you find yourself miserable just the same? Well- me anyway. Nora was helping me make some buttons earlier and suddenly I saw what the work area had gotten to.

After the girls left I set to it. Lit some incense. My dad hates incense; he says the smoke makes him feel like he's choking. But I love the way it burns when it first hits my nostrils and how the smell never fails to lift my spirits. I also put on some Weepies and turned it up. Something I am coming to realize is how quiet my life has become. I work all day in a place with no music, and then I come home and work in the kitchen and get tired and go to bed. I have lost music. I am figuring out what needs to happen for me to get that back.

I rolled up the cheap little rug we had placed in front of the computer and threw it out. It's constantly bunched up under the rollers on the chair and I suddenly wondered why we were still battling it. I do it a lot- fighting against things that aren't working. Sometimes I do that because I don't know how to fix it. What I am realizing is that sometimes you can't fix it. You don't fix it. You fix yourself.

The only person you can really control is yourself and your own attitude and reactions to situations. That's what I'm working on.