21 September 2012

I'm taking a little break from the public eye. From the Audience Mentality, so to speak. The internet and social media causes us to think and act as though we are continually on stage in fromt of our peers, as really we are, and I am thinking about whether that is a healthy thing. I like to write truth, and sometimes the truth hurts people. Sometimes people just don't want to be included in my public truths. So I am at an impasse with my writing and I feel that the only way I can break through that and make some preogress is to close the door and write alone.

I will be writing privtaely for a little while. I also hope to get  a few real live letters out before the postal service goes under. You should do the same.

I do have an email address and I check it daily. mfschuppeATgmailDOTcom.  I would be most grateful to receive even an electronic letter from any of you.

Of course, I may pop on here at some random time and wax poetic about asparagus or something. One just never knows.