13 May 2012

Never Enough Time

I keep trying to write. I do. But something always happens. there just isn't enough time. The washer is trilling for me to move the clothes over. Or I sit down to write and Ezra shuffles past the doorway and I know he's bored and then I feel too guilty to sit and write. Or any other number of things that take me from the small amount of time I have when I'm not at work. People come in and look at my screen. I don't like for people to look at my screen. I can never quite remove myself from my surroundings anymore. Writing is fizzling. Ariel Gore tells me to forget that stuff about needing money and a room of one's own to write. But dude, I get that. I need that. I have lost countless thoughts and words because I am never, ever alone for any length of time. How early would I have to get up to beat everyone else to some solitude? Most days, I am out the door by 7:10am and barely coherent, much less ready to bang out some words. Not sure what my solution is these days. I really think I need to break away from the computer altogether and just go back to a little notebook and a quiet corner. Sometime.

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