01 April 2013

First Reading

I've read a poem or two aloud, here and there. But recently I had my first real poetry reading at Riverviews. There was another poet there, Jon Thelin, and also a jazz band called Quintana. The house wasn't packed out, but it was my first real reading and I was excited. I had been rehearsing with Quintana and we were to perform a collaboration on a few songs. I think those rehearsals were what really got me pumped up about the reading. The music brought my words to life in a whole new way.

When I got up to the podium after a lovely introduction by my friend Vic, I felt strong and confident. As my words came out into the room, I felt them winding around the audience and holding them by their shoulders. There was power there. So I read a few more, and then the band came up and joined me for my last few poems. I ended my reading to the backdrop of saxophone and bass, and the applause of my listeners. I felt saturated by good feelings. I wanted to go home and write.

I should have. Instead I went downtown to the bar that sponsors the event because the readers get to drink free. I am getting too old to stay out that late when I have to get up the next day. But of course, it was fun while it lasted. It was Gay Pride night there, and folks were dressed up and singing and I felt so grateful that those folks have a place that they can go and just be who they really are. It's all any of really wants, right? It's   always been my favorite spot in town.

Now I am back home in my sweatshirt and my routine and I am asking myself what's next.  

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