10 March 2014

Always Moving Forward and so on

It seems ridiculous that I am writing on my phone. That is, using my phone (no longer a telephone), and even using italics in the process, to write a blog post. And as I type the phone makes the fake metallic clack of wanna-be typewriter keys, ironically. But the writer always persists in searching for ways and means of keeping the words flowing. This tool will enable me to write a little anywhere. To note a few things before they leave my dying mind. I will never abandon my cozy notebooks. But I see that this can be good, too.

And I do so need to get back to my writing. I am thinking about an anonymous blog where I can speak comfortably about work and life and death. I have to be so careful all the time.

But I do not want to be careful. I want to be free. 

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