11 January 2013

Stiff Bones

I've been listening to a lot of Ani again recently. I had lost a CD I really liked and I got it again and it has filled me to hear it fresh. I play it loud in the car when I am alone and I sing along. It makes me feel alive. I think I am most afraid of falling asleep inside as I grow older. Mostly I can't sort out if that feeling is physical or emotional, so I am taking a few steps to try and sort that out and remedy it. Last night we watched the documentary about the Bones Brigade from the 80s and it took me back to a time of so much energy! Just pure and raw. I felt myself smiling a lot throughout the film. I'll never get on a skateboard, but I will find something to get my bones moving before it's too late. I ordered myself an mp3 player so I can get some tunes going through my ears again. It's too quiet. I need to sing. I need to write. Those I know who have the luxury of not working, or being fulltime writers, are lucky indeed. But my job is also an endless fount of thoughts and stories.  I guess you just have to choose which things in your life are going to have to go, to be able to do the things you feel most called to do.

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Jill said...

hey! tell me more about the Bones Brigade documentary. where can I find it? and is it appropriate for pre-teens? my boys would love it.
send me an email:)